Photograph of Shayne Commons


The concept is this: screen print art onto coffee bags, fill the bags with delicious coffee, and sell them at a reasonable price. Because Ancient Organism does not have a permanent physical location, "pop-up shop" locations are announced on Twitter and Facebook. Local delivery is also available within a limited area around Twin Falls and Kimberly.

If you are an illustrator, please contact me! I am happy to partner with illustrators to release limited editions of their work, and will pay them before I pay myself. I am also interested in partnering with other social and commercial organizations to further our joint interests. For instance, I'd like to release an edition of bags with pet-themed illustrations and from which a portion of the sales is donated to People for Pets (the non-profit which operates the Twin Falls animal shelter).

I, Shayne Commons, am the sole owner and operator of Ancient Organism. If you have an idea and would like to partner with Ancient Organism, please email me.